About Us

The Start of a New Generation of Web3 Mini Games

Are you ready for the Web3 versions of your favorite mini games you play to pass time? Welcome to Poolify. The start of a new generation of Web3 mini games. Poolify is a Pool/Billiards online mini game that is able to be played with your friends around the world or just yourself. Except, Poolify is based around Web3 technologies, allowing users to wager others and show off their prize NFT possessions. There are two NFT collections that stem from Poolify. This includes the Pool Cue and Pool Table NFT collections which are able to be used in game as well as access to a profit generating wagering system.

Meet The Team

The team behind Poolify has an extensive history within the Solana and Ethereum NFT space. We have filled multiple spots to cover various aspects of the project to ensure a successful launch and operation. Putting together a team is very important for a project to succeed so therefore, we have made sure to spend an adequate amount of time finding the right people. Everyone from advisors to moderators, we are all ready to take this project to the next level. We are glad you are here to join us. You will not want to miss out. Meet the team below!






Community Manager


Community Manager


Lead Artist


Lead Game Developer


Lead Web Developer


Branding / Advisor


Marketing Advisor


Art Supervisor / Marketing



The Road to Success

What is the Future of Poolify?

Phase 1

  • Open official Poolify Discord
  • Game Development Continues with Frequent Updates
  • Whitelist Opens
  • Collaborations on Discord and Socials
  • Poolify Enters Alpha Testing with Game Demo

Phase 2

  • Poolify Pool Cue NFT Collection is Released (5,100 Pool Cues)
  • Poolify Beta Testing Starts (All Pool Cue NFT Holders)
  • PoolDAO Opens for Pool Cue NFT Holders
  • Game Development Continues (Locker Room and Wagering System)

Phase 3

  • Poolify Pool Table NFT Collection is Released (550 Pool Tables)
  • PoolDAO Opens for Pool Tables NFT Holders
  • Public Open Beta for Poolify Begins
  • Game Development Continues (Leaderboard and Stats System)

Phase 4

  • Poolify Goes Live on MainNet
  • Gifts Begin for Pool Cue and Table NFT Holders
  • Exclusive Giveaways
  • Extensive Marketing for Poolify Web3 Game (Ads, Online Articles, etc.)
  • Game Development Continues (Tournaments and Computer AI Mode)

Phase 5

  • Pool Tournament System Starts
  • Exclusive Airdrops to Pool Cue and Table NFT Holders
  • Develop In Game Rewards for Frequent Poolify Players (Play2Earn)
  • Further Collaborations and Partnerships are Formed
  • Poolify Explores New Platforms (iOS App, Discord SDK, etc.)
  • Web3 Game Studio is officially formed
  • PoolDAO Starts Voting on Next Web3 Mini Game


Join our Discord to Ask Other Questions!

What NFTs are being minted?

There will be two NFT collections that will be minted for Poolify. This includes a Pool Cue NFT collection and a Pool Table NFT collection. The first mint that will occur will be the Pool Cue NFTs, shortly after then the Pool Table NFTs. The Pool Cues and Tables that you mint will be able to be used straight in the game as the same skin. They also have a gifting utility where holders are entitled to receiving game fees through DAO gifts.

What are the mint details?

The mint date and price are to be announced at a later date. The supply of the Pool Cues will be 5,100 (100 held for marketing) and supply of the Pool Tables will be 550 (50 held for marketing). Stay tuned into our Discord for more information.

When will the game be done?

We are making it our goal to have the first version of Poolify done by the time the Pool Cue NFT mint takes place. We do not want to make our holders wait for their NFT utilities.

Where is the game demo?

The Poolify game demo is coming soon! We are working as fast a possible while still maintaining top notch quality to get a game demo out for players to use before making their decision on minting a Pool Cue NFT. Poolify will first be an online browser game with it being transferred into an app shortly after a stable, complete version is reached.

Who is on the team and are they doxxed?

We are super excited to share with everyone our stacked team that is behind Poolify. You can view our team details on our whitepaper. It will describe the background of each core team member as well as their experience within the Web3 space. Our goal is to doxx at least one third of our team while respecting the privacy of the others.

What is the future of Poolify?

The future is bright with the team behind Poolify! This is just a start to the long development timeline of more mini games to come. Our goal is to bridge over all the Web2 mini game players and show them the possibilites within the Web3 space. To do this, we will bring our mini games to the popular app stores on everyones mobile devices to make the bridge over as simple as possible for everyone. Come join in on the ride while it's still early!